How do I create a “warm list” for my business?

Creating a “warm list” is critical to your success in network/relationship marketing.  Your “warm list”, simply put, is a list of people you know.  These people do not have to be friends or family, but you should list friends and family.  Your goal is to create a list of 1,000 to 2,000 names.  You are probably thinking, “I could make a list of 10-20 people, but not 1,000 to 2,000.”  Be patient…I have some memory joggers below.  Your list should take a couple of days to complete.  After finalizing your list, create a “top 25 prospects” list from your “warm list.”

Here are a few memory joggers to get you started.  (Remember your goal is to create a “warm list”  of 1,000 to 2,000 prospects.)

Parents; uncles; aunt; cousins; grandparents; close friends; friends; class mates; room mates; co-workers; people you know from church, civic organizations, boy scout leaders, girl scout leaders, cub scout leaders, and other organization members or leaders; your mailman; the clerks at your favorite stores; your dentist, physician, family doctor, and eye doctor. Think about those whose lives could be improved by your business opportunity.  Who would benefit by using your products or services?  Do you know anyone interested in starting a business?  Anyone who is tired of having a j.o.b. (just over broke)? Tired of punching a clock and feeling under appreciated?

This list of suggestions should give you a pretty good start.  Please feel free to post comments adding to this list.