How do I start and build a business on a budget?

The answer to the first part of the question is simple!  Network marketing.  I like to call it relationship marketing.  Relationship marketing gives you the opportunity to start a home based business with a little to no money down (I would be careful of a no money down opportunity).  Most opportunities require a small monthly purchase (usually some of products or services the company provides).  The amazing part of starting a home based business is the fact that it is your business.  You can work as hard or as little as you want.  I would warn you that just because your company gives you a replicated website and some training doesn’t mean you don’t have to work.  If you don’t work you won’t be very successful.

So how do I become successful and build a business on a budget?  Mike Dillard has answered this question in his “Building on a Budget” course.  You will not be disappointed.  Click on the banner below to see for yourself the possibilities.  Watch the video on and learn how building on a budget can help you.

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