Make Your Article Marketing Niche Your Biggest Pain

Make Your Article Marketing Niche Your Biggest Pain

I know that sounds odd, but hear me out on this one. It is key to your success.

One of the critical steps to creating an income in article marketing is selecting your niche. This probably doesn’t come as news to you, but the niche you choose can make you lose. Lose time and money.

Niche selection is truly the cornerstone of every other step that follows in developing an article marketing strategy that actually rewards you with a commission check, month after month. Once you have an idea about what niche to write about you can pursue an affiliate program that offers a solution.

How to Pick Your Niche

No doubt you’ve heard experts tell you to write about something you love. That way you’ll remain motivated enough to stick to your game plan without firing up the latest program designed to make you rich. While writing about something you love makes sense on the surface, this may not be a good magnet for prospective readers (aka buyers.)

If you haven’t heard the starving crowd story you need to hear it. It was part of a lesson presented by a legendary marketer named Gary Halbert. Gary is no longer with us, but his brilliance lives on in the lessons he shared with his students and followers (his list.) The Starving Crowd Story

Imagine that you are a hot dog vendor and you are setting up a new hot dog stand right next to another established stand selling exactly the same products. If you could have just one advantage, from the freshest meat and hot dog rolls, to the most attractive waitresses, to the most colorful lighting, what would you choose?

Gary’s answer?

The only thing he would want to guarantee his success would be a starving crowd.

Now in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” best selling author Robert T. Kiyosaki tweaked this a bit and his recommendation is that you don’t just stop after you find a starving crowd. You find the crowd that’s addicted. He looks for a group of people who are so addicted to what it is that they want, all you have to do is throw your advertising bait into the water and they’ll go into a feeding frenzy to buy it from you. Here’s your Three Steps to Picking Your Niche for Article Marketing

1. Go online and find your own starving crowd.
2. Find out what they are already buying.
3. Sell them more of the same products or services.

That’s all there is to it. You simply find a need and fill it. It doesn’t matter that lots of others are filling the same need. You don’t have to come up with something totally new. Market something that’s selling! You can invent something new later.

That’s where I finally caught the wave with my own article marketing effort. I admit, I started out with something I love, cats. Now don’t groan if you are a dog lover or aren’t into pets, you can win at the article marketing game too.

What I did was find something about my cats that was very problematic. Then I found products to make that problem go away-for good. That’s what I mean by starting an article marketing campaign around something you hate. Find something that resolves a problem or a pain that bothered you or someone you love.

Start your efforts making money online with article marketing even before you jump into blogging. Write about something that really aggravates you. I know it sounds crazy, but people love to spend money online or offline fixing problems or making pains go away.

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