Never Hear “No” Again?

Do you find it hard to talk to prospects on the phone, getting hung up on, or handling objections?  I used to be like that, constantly taking the prospects that I would generate on the internet and vomit my business opportunity to them. Time after time, I would basically get laughed at followed by am immediate “Click”.

I just couldn’t figure it out.  What was I doing wrong?  There were so many people out there that were effortlessly sponsoring people on the phone. I did this for what seemed like a lifetime.  I wasn’t getting anywhere with my business, basically sponsoring one or two every now and then. But then I found something that changed the way I talked to prospects forever.  It was a video interview with Mike Dillard, and master recruiter Mark Wieser.

In this video Mark get grilled by Mike on how he is able to personally sponsor over 254 reps in one year and how he is able to do it with such ease.  I figured out that I needed to change the way that I was talking to the prospects.  I needed to qualify them to see if they are right for my business, not if they would be interested in joining.  I also figured out that I am the boss, I need to control the situation, I am interviewing my prospects to see if they would be good enough to be part of my business.

Basically think of it as if you were the manager interviewing to hire a new employee.  By changing the way that I approach the conversation and the attitude that I have in the conversation, I am now not getting hung up on.  I am sponsoring more than ever.  Prospects are actually thanking me for the conversations that we have.  Sponsoring and talking to prospects doesn’t have to be hard, frustrating, or filled with rejection.

All you need to know  is how to do it the right way, the fun way, from someone that knows how to do it and do it well.  So if you would like to learn how I overcame my fear of talking to prospects on the phone, now sponsor more than ever, and how I never hear the word no again, then you need to get your hands on this free 1 hour video interview.

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