New Blogging Inspiration

New Blogging Inspiration
1. Try a New Idea

You can go for something in the same field, but perhaps change up your tone. This can make for something really fun and exciting. Post it as a guest blogger and adopt an entirely new voice if that makes it easier. Or, go for a new topic completely. If you blog about real-estate trends four days a week, surprise your readers with your latest favorite restaurant or the newest coffee shop that got you excited. You will probably discover that a break from the norm is not only refreshing for you, but for your readers too.

2. Change Your Environment

Chances are good that you have one place you usually post from. Whether thats at your home desk, your office, or a laptop on the couch, you may just need a change of scenery. Head for somewhere where theres some life happening. Go hit up a trendy gathering spot or maybe an outside park if youre living where the weather permits.

3. Interview Someone

Find someone else in your field and do a low-key interview. Youll likely be excited about what they have to say and often, youll find renewed inspiration to once again dig a little deeper into your particular subject. Its invigorating to be around others with similar passions, so dont let the opportunity pass you by.

4. Take Advantage of “Trending”

Go type your subject (food, technology, writing, etc.) into Twitter and see whats the buzz. You should be able to find something that gives you a new perspective, or maybe even irritates you enough you come up with an argument. Take every advantage of the new real-time searches available. Youll be current and youll keep your readers current.

5. Become Your Readers

What do you imagine they enjoy seeing the most from you? If you were them, what would you want to read next? You can also be totally honest with them and write an entire blog post on your admitted lack of inspiration. Ask them what theyre excited or perplexed about lately. Id be willing to bet that their comments will be enough to get you going on the next post around.

Author Tara Alley enjoys writing about blogging and finding new ways to be creative. She is also a die-hard coffee lover and writes daily for Coffee Home Direct.

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